Leg Ulcer Days

09.30–10.15 Registration and refreshments
Chair: Jeanette Milne
Clinical Lead, Tissue Viability
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

10.15–10.20 Welcome & introduction

10.20–10.25 Video – The patient’s story
A leg ulcer patient describes their experience of living with a wound and its impact on their day-to-day life

10.25–11.10 True dialogue: Achieving effective communication with patients
Honey Langcaster-James
Consultant Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Coach
An independent psychologist will discuss what it is like to live with a chronic condition and will advise on how to maximise the potential to engage with patients during consultations

11.10–11.15 Q&A

11.15–11.45 Tea break

11.45–12.30 Motivational interviewing: A tool for empowering patients
Sarah Gardner
Clinical Lead, Tissue Viability
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Delegates will explore the concept of motivational interviewing and assess how they can use it to improve patient concordance. They will be given tips and strategies for increasing the use of this approach in their setting

12.30–12.35 Q&A

12.35–13.30 Lunch

13.30–14.15 Partners in care: Working with patients to achieve evidence-based goals
Brenda King*
Nurse Consultant, Tissue Viability
Manor Clinic, Sheffield
Led by the speaker, delegates will explore the most effective and practical methods of educating patients on why their treatments are required and how they work. The aim is to motivate patients to actively participate in their care

14.15–14.20 Q&A

14:20–14.50 Legs Matter: How this campaign will help patients and clinicians
Sarah Gardner**
Clinical Lead, Tissue Viability
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
A member of the Legs Matter team will outline how the Legs Matter campaign can support patients and clinicians

14.50–14.55 Q&A

* Kim Drewery, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Tissue Viability Nurse, will replace Brenda King on 28th November
** Brenda King, Nurse Consultant, Tissue Viability, Manor Clinic, Sheffield will replace Sarah Gardner on 29th November